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A Meditation on the Lord's Prayer

Our eternal source and Self,
timeless, stainless, dwelling always in infinite bliss

May we always remember the sky-like being
we really are by the power of this mantra

And by remembering the timeless being we are,
make this present life blissful and infinite too

We would be lost, nothing at all,
if we didn’t rely every moment
on awareness emanating
from the unbelievable treasury of clear light

By following this pathless Buddha Way
we can stop holding grudges
and behold the truth of our infinite being
free of karmic delusions

By realizing this boundless giving Self we are,
we can avoid turning into demons
suffering and hating in the countless hell realms

Because our unstained Nature
is the origin all all goodness,
all love, and all ability whatsoever,
throughout past present and future worlds

Clap-clap. Done! It’s always just like this!


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