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* Are you seeking to understand more about prayer?
* Do you want to find a source of regular prayers that you can consistently use and apply in your life?
Do you want to learn to pray more deeply and meaningfully? ...to be continually inspired?

If YES, then this prayer community is for you. It is here to fundamentally support and encourage our prayer life, - through powerful programs, prayers and regular devotionals.

In the membership section, we will begin with a powerful course in prayer and spiritual living:

It begins with selections from the book, 'Greatest Habit '. The principles that are discussed in this book should be read by every man and woman who ever sought to develop a closer relationship with God and lead a life of blessedness. Over the next few days for example, you'll explore:

  • The Fundamentals for Leading a Powerful, Profound and Productive Prayer Life - One that Gets Results on All Dimensions of Your Life
  • What Is the Problem Behind the Present Limitations and How Prayer Is the Answer to this Dilemma
  • How to Organically Develop the Thoughts and Emotions that Matter Most - aligning your values, logic and emotions so you can powerfully move in the direction you want
  • ... and much, much more!

It is not a theoretical reading, but a practical, hands-on course that covers the essentials for developing a powerful prayer life. For this purpose, it is integrated with useful coaching sessions, helpful exercises and the classic prayers of many great teachers... It is radical. It is stimulating.

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' Thank- you for really lifting my soul again

"I really love the course. It is making a difference."

"I've growing so much in the last couple of weeks..."

"Thank you so much..."

"It is a life empowerment course...."


Your name and your email address in the box below will give you instant membership into this community, and bring you the principles of the 'Greatest Habit' in your email box, along with weekly prayers from the great minds in history, with our compliments.

So we are taking this means of bringing to your attention a deeper method for prayer - based on God's love, on spiritual truths, on beauty and on the freedom of choice...

Will you use this opportunity NOW - TODAY?

God Bless You.


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"Mastering the Art of the Greatest Habit"

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